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How do you pronounce your name?

I'm the worst person to ask (ok maybe not THE worst) as my Yoruba pronunciation is atrocious. For a good example of Modupe click here, and for a good example of Ayinde, click here. [For what it's worth, my very rubbishy version is "muh-DOO-pay" and "eye-YIN-day."]

Would you be interested in appearing on my podcast / book club / insert opportunity to talk here? 

Probably, yes! I like to talk, and so long as deadlines permit, I try to 

Can you read / critique my book / page samples / query package

Unfortunately I'm not able to read or critique work. If you're looking for a critique, I recommend joining a


Do you have any advice for querying authors?

I wrote a blog post about this subject, which you can read here. I will say, though, that the industry changes so fast (despite being a sloooow industry) that it's worth seeking out advice from more recent queriers. The hashtag writingcommunity and amquerying are also good starting places. 

Good luck - the query trenches are one of the most gruelling parts of the traditional publishing process.

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