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Short Fiction & Other Works

Science fiction, fantasy, and horror short stories.

Our Grandmother's Words

Forthcoming, Beneath Ceaseless Skies

When outland traders arrive in a Bemenu town, they bring with them a twisted magic that is not of the gods.

Link coming soon.

Fully Comprehensive Code Switch

Forthcoming, Dark Matter Presents: Monstrous Futures

Witness the cutting edge in wearable tech.

Link coming soon.

The Invoker and her Quartet

Forthcoming, Kaleidotrope Magazine

The rivalry between two sisters escalates when one is chosen to inherit the spirit of their ancestor.

Link coming soon.

Piggyback Girl

Forthcoming, The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction

Click here to create your account with the world’s newest social media platform.

Link coming soon.

Girlfriend Material

August 2022, Fantasy Magazine, Issue 82

Grow your own girlfriend: the perfect partner, in a pot.

READ Girlfriend Material

The Walls of Benin City

*Long-listed for the 2021 BSFA Award*

December 2021, Omenana Magazine, Issue 20

Reprinted in Shoreline of Infinity, Issue 33, Winter 2022

A survivor of an alien invasion makes the journey to the last outpost of human civilisation.

READ The Walls of Benin City in Omenana

BUY Shoreline of Infinity Issue 33

Scale Baby

December 2021, Zooscape

The dragon population of the suburbs is getting out of hand. 

READ Scale Baby

Blind Eye

May 2021, Daily Science Fiction

*Long-listed for the 2021 BSFA Award*

Gentrification is just a small step away.

READ Blind Eye

Worst Place Ever - Avoid!

March 2021, Apex Magazine Microfiction Contest Winner

Come to Warland, and experience what the fall of Earth really felt like.

READ Worst Place Ever - Avoid!

The Techwork Horse

January 2021, FIYAH Literary Magazine, Issue 17

Featured on the 2021 Locus Recommended Reading List

A horse made of crystal and tech arrives in the hometown of a young girl named Bola.

READ The Techwork Horse

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