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Debut novel A SONG OF LEGENDS LOST coming Spring 2025 from Orbit UK!

Updated: Apr 4

A picture of Modupe against and black and white background with "Acquisition Announcement" and "A Song of Legends Lost" as the captions

Friends, I have NEWS! My debut novel A SONG OF LEGENDS LOST will be published by Orbit UK in Spring 2025. This book is the first in an epic fantasy trilogy, and I wrote it with my whole heart. You can read more about it in the acquisitions announcement on the Orbit website. You can add the book on Goodreads here!

From Orbit:

We can’t wait to share A Song of Legends Lost with readers! With its large cast of complex, vibrant characters, rich worldbuilding and propulsive narrative, it’s perfect for fans of The Rage of Dragons, The Bone Shard Daughter and The Unbroken.

There are also announcements up on The Bookseller and BookBrunch, which is super surreal and hang on while I lie down for a sec, please. The book sold at auction, an experience I found equal parts terrifying and, erm, terrifying, and the opening of the story won the Future Worlds Prize. I've been writing in the universe this trilogy is set in for... a very long time. It has a deep and layered history, and is the kind of fantasy I wish I'd had access to growing up. A bit more about what to expect...

If you combine THIS bit of Black Panther...

A still from the first Black Panther movie: T'Challa, in the ancestral plane, with a purple sky and a savanna behind him

...and THIS bit of Lord of the Rings...

A still from the movie Return of the King: Aragorn, his back to us as he faces the ghostly army of the dead, visible as semi-skeletal, translucent figures limned in an ethereal green glow.

... with THESE battle vibes

Yuna from the video game Final Fantasy X, in the act of summoning. She stands facing the camera, her staff spinning as fire emanates from it in a spiral. The HP bar for Ifrit appears in the bottom right corner.

... Then you have a flavour of what is to come. You can also expect: a huge cast, lost civilisations, working class protagonists, an underdog with mummy issues, a morally grey monk, a warrior with regrets, and LOTS of ancestor magic, all set in a queernorm world inspired by multiple precolonial cultures. Here's a small summary:

In the Nine Lands, only those of noble blood can summon the spirits of their ancestors to fight in battle. But when Temi, a commoner from the slums, accidentally invokes a powerful spirit, she finds it could hold the key to ending a centuries-long war. But not everything that can be invoked is an ancestor. And some of the spirits that can be drawn from the ancestral realm are more dangerous than anyone can imagine.

Now please excuse me while I go and cry twenty years' worth of happy tears...

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