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Monstrous Futures Is Out Now!

Today marks the release of MONSTROUS FUTURES, a science fiction horror anthology from Dark Matter (edited by Alex Woodroe), which features my story "Fully Comprehensive Code Switch." Here's the premise for the anthology:

The cover of the anthology MONSTROUS FUTURES, which features a figure with glowing eyes, wearing something that resembles a gas mask. The names of the 29 contributors to the anthology are listed to either side.
The future is now, and it's not what we were promised. The optimistic science fiction of old was wrong. Progress is not linear, technology creates as many problems as it solves, and the concept of a better tomorrow has become an abstraction that is in no way guaranteed. When looking at the future now, we no longer ask what is possible, we wonder how we'll cope. Contained within this anthology are 29 never-before-published works by supremely talented authors. Brace yourself for the all too real horrors of what could very well be our terribly monstrous futures.

This anthology has also been described as what you'd get if they'd made another season of Black Mirror (I hope they do make another season of Black Mirror. I hope they make fifty more seasons.) I love that show, and honestly I had so many ideas that could fit that description, so the biggest challenge I had was picking my favourite. (OK that's a lie, but it was still a challenge of moderate proportions.) The idea for my story, "Fully Comprehensive Code Switch" had been kicking around in my head for a while. I wanted to write about the struggle to fit in that many working class BIPOC experience in certain spaces. It can be painful and it can be absurd, which I hope is reflected in this story, and much of what we do becomes so ingrained that it's no longer conscious action.

This publication is especially exciting for me because it's the first time my words have appeared in an actual physical book that I can hold in my actual physical hands and everything (you can order a physical copy from bookstores, or direct from Dark Matter here. Digital copies are also available.)

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