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I’ve been shortlisted for the Future Worlds Prize!

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

Stars surround a globe that is sitting on books with the words "Future Worlds Prize: For Fantasy and Science Fiction Writers of Colour"

My adult epic fantasy novel A Shadow in Chains has been shortlisted for the Future Worlds Prize for unpublished SFF writers of colour. Squee! It’s a book about ancestor magic, forgotten technology, and feuding clans, and takes place in a world I’ve been writing stories in for a very long time. Here’s the Bookseller announcement, which gives further details about the shortlist. The prize is in its second year, and last year was won by Esmie Jikiemi-Pearson. Eight of us have been shortlisted, with a winner and runner-up to be announced in the coming weeks. The prize includes mentoring from one of the publishing partners for all shortlisted writers, which is such a valuable part of the contest. All the shortlisted titles sound amazing (a summary of each can be found on this Twitter thread), which just goes to demonstrate what an untapped variety of talent there is out there. Whatever happens, I am so happy and honoured to have been part of this year’s list, and I hope the prize goes on to discover many great new voices.

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